Privacy Policy

This appendix pertains to certain information provided by you or inferred from your usage of YooRewards, and stored in electronic form on YooRewards’ servers (in general, “Electronically-stored Information”). Throughout this Privacy Policy, it is understood that your “computer” includes the computing device on which YooRewards is operating, including a personal computer, smart phone, tablet, or other similar computing device capable of running the YooRewards software.

By accessing the YooRewards website at or installing or using the YooRewards app, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

1. Registration Information

You will be required to provide an e-mail address or other similar contact information (“Your E-mail Address”) in connection with obtaining this product. You may also be required to, or may elect to, provide other registration information (“Registration Information”).

2. NonPersonal Information

YooRewards' servers automatically collect and record certain “Non-Personal Information.” This information may include session data, usage data, connection and service-related data, browser “user agent” strings, network metrics, data quality metrics, connection location and time, and data logs. In some cases, Non-Personal Information may be aggregated across numerous users.

Non-Personal Information may be used to improve YooRewards, track server usage, analyze statistical data, track problems, prevent fraud, enhance security, and for other lawful purposes. YooRewards may store this information on its servers, commercially exploit this information, or resell this information to its commercial affiliates. Statistical information is disclosed only in its aggregate form. YooRewards may also disclose this information pursuant to any lawful order.

3. Personal Information

“Personal Information” is information that identifies you or that could be used, in the aggregate, to identify you. This information may include, but is not limited to your name, Your E-mail Address, other contact information, your Registration Information, your IP address, your purchase history, geographic location data, photographs stored on your computer including any metadata, contacts stored on your computer, usage statistics, any and all potentially related purchases, any and all potentially related earnings, and any data you send or receive using YooRewards. Unless you have opted out of your computer providing location data or services to applications, YooRewards will collect your location data and services, including when YooRewards is or appears to be inactive.

4. User Information

User information includes Statistical Information, Personal Information, and any other information that YooRewards gathers about you. User Information may be collected based on your individual use of YooRewards, based on YooRewards' ability to access data stored on your computer, or via your interaction with the YooRewards website at, including “cookies” stored on your computer and your participation in forums, if any.

5. Use and Disclosure of User Information

You grant YooRewards the right to collect and use User Information for any lawful purpose. Without limitation, YooRewards may use User Information to improve service, answer inquiries, fix software bugs, refine features, create an individual user profile about you, enforce this Privacy Policy or the YooRewards End User License Agreement, in response to a court order or other similar legal request that YooRewards is required to respond to, and for targeted advertising and other commercial purposes. YooRewards may also sell, rent, distribute, disclose or otherwise provide the information to its commercial affiliates for similar purposes without prior consent from or notice to you other than your agreement to this Privacy Policy. Your agreement to this Privacy Policy is consideration, in part, of YooRewards' cost of providing YooRewards to you. YooRewards will not sell your User Information to known spammers or for any illegal purpose. YooRewards contractually requires commercial affiliates who receive User Information from YooRewards to verify that they have in place security and privacy measures conforming to section 8 of this Privacy Policy.

6. Sensitive Information

YooRewards will never directly ask you for certain sensitive information, such as your social security number, or questions about your health, sexual orientation, gender identification, or religious beliefs and practices (“Sensitive Information). YooRewards requests that you not try to provide Sensitive Information directly to YooRewards. To the extent Sensitive Information may be inferred from your use of YooRewards, YooRewards requests that you refrain from using YooRewards in a manner that implicates the Sensitive Information if you prefer not to be associated with your Sensitive Information. YooRewards does not screen User Data to ensure that Sensitive Information has not been disclosed or cannot be inferred.

7. Financial Information

YooRewards does not collect or store financial information, including credit card or bank account numbers. If YooRewards starts collecting such information in the future, YooRewards will provide an updated End-User License Agreement and Privacy Policy addressing practices with respect to financial information.

8. Retention and Security of Information

YooRewards may retain Electronically-stored Information for as long as is lawful and for as long as is commercially reasonable, practical and necessary for YooRewards' purposes. YooRewards expressly makes no covenant to retain or destroy information within a certain time, except that YooRewards will retain or destroy information as required by law. YooRewards protects User Information with commercially-reasonable security measures, including administrative procedures, physical security, electronic security. YooRewards stores Personal Information in encrypted databases. In the event of a data breach that YooRewards is required by law to inform you of, you agree that notice is complete and effective upon YooRewards' delivery of notice to Your E-mail Address.

9. California Residents

California Civil Code § 1798.83 gives you the right to request specific information about YooRewards' use of your personal information. If you would like to request information with respect to your rights in California, please e-mail YooRewards at and please include “California Privacy Information” in the subject line.

10. Contacting YLI

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or if you need to report a violation of this Privacy Policy, please e-mail YooRewards at and please include “Privacy Policy Inquiry” in the subject line.

11. Modification

YooRewards may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and will deliver updates to Your E-mail Address. If you do not agree to the new Privacy Policy, your remedy is to immediately cease use of the website, immediately uninstall all copies of the YooRewards software, and otherwise comply with your obligations under the YooRewards EULA.